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Returning to the design of the boardgame Helvetios after a long pause I’ve rethink about how I’ll made the first prototype. Instead of using several circuits interconnected, I’ve started to make a simpler design. To reduce costs of the circuits and the laser cuts I’ve taken an A4 sheet as a reference, what allows me to make prints of the board, buy cheap acrylic sheets and cutting in the laser of the makerspace I’m member.

In the board design I’ve included some buttons to interact in each game turn and to select the direction of the acction to make (movement, attack, defend, capture, etc…). Also I’ll include a little oled screen to show the actions to be selected and game parameters of the selected piece.

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boardgame design to laser cut

I’ve cut the upper part of the board in black acrylic so the hexagonal frame will be used to put the game pieces. Under it will be a translucent base that will serve as a led diffuser. In later designs it’s possible that each cell has its own diffuser instead of one for all the cells, depending on the results of the tests and if I achieve that not many light will leak form one cell to the next one. Surely I will have to isolate each cell under the diffuser and that each cell has its own hexagonal diffuser isolated form the others.

This is the result of the laser cut, in an 3mm black acrylic sheet and another translucent for the diffuser:

boardgame laser cut

The next step is to design the circuit board that will be below the cells with leds and sensors (that it’s already in process) and another circuit with the oled screen and the buttons. I pretend that the circuit with the cells will be connected to the raspbery via USB. The circuit with the screen an the buttons will be connected directly to the raspberry using an SPI for the screen and the I/O inputs for the buttons.

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